A downloadable Terrigon

You wake up on the bridge of the SSC Terrigon, a military freighter transporting a classified object. The power is out and the containment field has ruptured, the crew has vanished entirely but you.

Get to the escape pods! Restore all power while avoiding an eerie presence...

Activate all 12 switches to restore enough power to use the escape pods. Charging your sonic emitter scares the enemies and allows you to kill them.

Terrigon was a school project by 6 people, finished last year. Inspired by Pac-Man and Alien. A remastered version with better AI and new graphics is in the works.

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Published 2 years ago
StatusIn development


Terrigon (Win 32/64bit) (104 MB)
Terrigon (OSC 32/64bit) (104 MB)
Terrigon (Linux) (113 MB)